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CM Plus will support Project as One-Stop Service Provider.

CM Plus will support clients for their construction projects as  "One-Stop Service Provider" in Japan including Southeast Asian countries, not only in the fields of pharmaceuticals production / R&D facilities, but also various kinds of production facilities for foods, home cares, cosmetics, datacenter, semiconductor, etc.

Our professionals with plentiful experience in overseas projects will take care of such projects, taking into account (1) different languages, (2) different cultures, customs, regulations, and (3) difficulties in communications between remote locations, etc., which are common  issues in overseas projects.

We will respond to the clients' concerns with overseas project execution, especially about lack of information on the local conditions, such as industrial complex, regulations, cost, construction market situations, and labors wages, etc., and also concerns about government applications. For the foreign investors those who plan to build a factory in Japan, CM Plus provides the same concept of one-stop service from feasibility study and/or land selection to facility commissioning and validations.

Steps of factory construction project

We will execute a project in a flow as shown below.

CM Plus will execute a project in a manner to protect the client's interests from the planning phase to the completion for the facilities.

Execution Steps
  1. STEP1

    Business Planning to Basic Planning Phase

    What the client needs to realize in the project should be documented. We will help the client to build the business plan by incorporating your idea.

    • You are planning your first overseas factory construction.
    • You would like to know overall flow of a overseas construction project.
    • You are planning to expand existing production lines or relocate them overseas.
    • You would like to estimate overall scale and cost based on your idea about products and production volume.
    • You are looking for a local partner.

    CM Plus would,

    • Respond to the client's requests and concerns based on plenty of experience in overseas projects.
    • Advise how design, procurement and construction will proceed, considering characteristics of overseas projects, and also be able to propose a project execution formation meeting the client's needs.
    • Incorporate improvements of the existing lines in plans if problems and improvements of existing ones are known to us, with a lot of experience in factory construction, relocation and expansion modeled on the existing lines.
    • Incorporate the client's idea into specific model plans by developing specific building plans and facilities plans. By developing specific plans from images, construction scale and cost will be clarified, and such information will be used as necessary one for selection of candidate location.
    • Support the client with capable local staff available in the CM Plus overseas offices. Also CM Plus has overseas networks to support clients at other locations than its local offices.


  2. STEP2

    Basic Design Phase

    We will develop the basic design together with
    the client towards realization of the project.

    We will clarify the client's required specifications (User Requirement=UR) based on their voices from the business planning phase, and prepare basic design documents. We will propose the optimum design for facilities by adding the local uniqueness obtained through plentiful experience in production facilities projects.

    CM Plus would,

    • Carry out basic design for building, air-conditioning, electrical and utility facilities aligned with production facilities, as a professional for production facility engineering, well knowing that preparing feasible basic design is the first step to a project success.
    • Have staff in Japan cooperate with its local staff to execute a project.
    • Estimate overall budgetary cost for construction.


  3. STEP3


    CM Plus will assist the client to make inquiries for production facilities
    and for construction in order to secure appropriate quality within a budget.

    Selection of appropriate construction contractor(s) is an important factor for a project success. CM Plus will propose a best formation, including whether relying on Japanese contractor(s) or employing local contractor(s), considering characteristics of the client's project and facilities, and also fully support them for evaluation and selection of contractor(s)

    Because the engineering information on production facilities have to be incorporated into the architectural design, inquiries for production facilities will be issued normally at the start of basic design. We will also help the client select optimum equipment supplier(s) from global market if necessary.

    Advice for Selection of Construction Contractor(s)

    For example, when you try to save cost by ordering local construction contractor(s), inquiries should be issued at the end of detail design phase. When you try risk hedging by issuing inquiries to Japanese contractor(s), purchase order should be issued on a design/construction basis (on a design-build basis) at the end of basic design phase.


  4. STEP4

    Detail Design Phase

    We will manage detailed design for construction
    as well as quality, schedule and cost.

    We will manage detailed design to ensure that it proceeds in line with the client's budget, considering local regulations, construction methods and materials. We will also make overall coordination with production facilities at this phase so that construction proceeds smoothly without rework at site.

    The Points:

    We will coordinate among building, building facilities and production facilities, including mating points adjustments.

    • Schedule adjustment → to prepare daily schedule for work adjustment
    • Physical mating points adjustment → to prepare composite drawings with all facilities layered for adjustment of all facilities.


  5. STEP5

    Construction Phase

    We will manage construction to keep schedule, quality and cost.

    We will manage construction to keep schedule, cost and quality as planned with our staff stationed at site having the client's viewpoints for overall construction and erection of production facilities.


  6. STEP6

    Final Inspection Phase

    It is an important quality assurance activity prior to turnover
    of the facilities. We will carry out inspections strictly on behalf of the client.

    We will carry out inspections severely as a third party so that it will lead to smooth start-up of the facilities by assuring that construction has been implemented as shown in the design drawings.



    Commissioning Phase of the Facilities

We will propose the best formation for project execution.

The best formation for project execution for construction of production facilities varies depending on the client's idea and the project characteristics. It is no exaggeration to say that there are the same number of best formation as the number of clients or projects. As an example, it may be interested by foreign investors that many of Japanese construction contractors maintain the high skill of detail design development and they are willing to offer a design/built lumpsum agreement, which is not normal in outside of Japan. We can prepare such inquiry package with basic design documents for this EPC lump sum agreement.

The important thing is to optimize the combination of quality, cost and schedule. We will support clients to realize the optimum project execution formation  fit for the purpose  through close communications.

project execution formation

A smooth project execution will get projects realize cost saving and quality work.

CM Plus is a team of professionals for production facility engineering, and optimize the cost while maintaining the required quality. We think the following steps are normally processed for cost saving and quality work taking into account the characteristics of projects.

① To start helping a client from feasibility study in a country chosen for the project.

A feasibility study which may be composed of selection of land, project execution strategy, master scheduling, assumption of investment amount will be the first task. We will help  clients to select a right location for the facilities considering various information of industrial development zones, such as human resources and neighboring educational circumstances, etc. We will also support client’s investment scenario to fit for the production plan.

② Preparation of specifications and drawings clearly reflecting the client's requirements (preparation of appropriate client's requirements [User Requirement] and inquiry package for construction companies.)

Experienced senior CM Plus engineers will materialize the facilities in client’s mind on design deliverables!

③ To select appropriate construction contractor(s) and equipment/device vendors based on the design documents

CM Plus will support a client to select cost-competitive and reliable construction contractor(s), and also support client for procurement of high quality and inexpensive production equipment from the global market.

④ Obtaining relevant authorities’ approvals smoothly

CM Plus will fully support a client for government applications and obtaining of approval and authorization, engaging the engineers who are familiar with statutory situation for the construction site.

⑤ Maintaining the schedule, and minimizing additional construction cost

Maintaining the schedule while keeping the required quality and minimizing additional cost will be the most important issue for project execution.

We will resolve the client's issues with outstanding technical performance and professional management capability.

A Network of CM Plus's foreign group companies will support clients for oversea projects.

CM Plus Japan, will support clients in coordination, as a group, with a network in foreign group companies (Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia) and the local partners for the construction projects for client's overseas facilities in all phases of a project, from business planning to construction and commissioning.

An Example of Coordination between Head Quarter in Japan and its Foreign Group Companies.

While mainly basic planning and basic design is carried out in Japan even for oversea projects, experienced senior engineer(s) could be stationed at the country where the project is built in to support the client together with the capable local engineers in all project phases from inquiries to government applications, detail design supervision/fabrication control, construction/erection supervision to commissioning.

Cooperation between Japan and a network of local group companies, as a single CM Plus group, will lead the client's project to the successful goal.

CM Plus Overseas Network

CM Plus Overseas Network

We have also partnered with companies in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, as well as in the United States of America, Ireland, and the Netherlands.


We will use a collaboration base, CORRESSA (developed by CM Plus) as a communication tool among the parties concerned. CORRESSA is a tool stuffed full of professional know-how and expertise of project managers who have overcome various kinds of problems often encountered in the course of project execution.

CORRESSA, a tool using a cloud, enables project execution to be carried out wherever you are. By using the tool, smooth exchange of documents with overseas companies and overseas sites will be realized.


Project records of foreign customers

CMP executed a number of project management services to foreign investors those who want to realize facilities in Japan. The charts below are the figures of such project records as of the date.

<2011-2021>Project records of foreign customers

Project Records of Overseas Supporting Work

We have a lot of performances primarily in Vietnam and Indonesia. We have had a lot of requests for basic planning and basic design, validation management as well as overall project management.

    • Client and Project: A Corp. (Pharmaceutical), a new construction work for parenteral products production building.
      • Period:2013 to 2015.
      • Location:Indonesia.
      • Scope of Work:Overall project management with review of basic design, detail design supervision, fabrication control and construction supervision.
    • Client and Project: B Corp. (Pharmaceutical), Revamp work of solid dose forms building
      • Period:2016 to 2017.
      • Location:India.
      • Scope of Work:Review of basic design, detail design supervision and construction supervision, and validation management
    • Client and Project: C Corp. (spice manufacturer), a new construction work for spice production building
      • Period:2016 to 2019.
      • Location:Indonesia.
      • Scope of Work:Overall project management with basic planning and basic design, inquiries, and construction supervision
    • Client and Project: D Corp. (medical devices manufacturer), a new construction work for medical devices production building.
      • Period:2018 to
      • Location:Vietnam.
      • Scope of Work:Basic planning and basic design, inquiries, detail design supervision, fabrication control, construction supervision and validation management.
    • Client and Project: E Corp. (medical devices manufacturer), a new construction work for medical devices production building.
      • Period:2012 to 2013.
      • Location:Vietnam
      • Scope of Work:Validation management.

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Achievements of projects of CM Plus Vietnam

Achievements of projects of CM Plus Vietnam

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Achievements of projects of PT. CMPlus Consulting Indonesia

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