CM Plus's engineering service

Through our engineering service, CM Plus supports our clients from the phase to develop your business plans and conceptual designs through the phase of operation which leads to the launch of the facility. CM Plus guides your projects to success.

CM Plus's services by project phases

Detailed project flow

In CM Plus's engineering services, we value "front-end activities", which are activities to develop business plans, conceptual designs, and basic designs, and of procurement.

Shaping your ideas into realistic facility plans

We understand our clients' requests and wishes first then reflect them into actual plans and designs. Also, we have close communication with our clients by sharing issues or unsettled problems in your plans and designs during the process. This is our approach to develop highly feasible plans and designs.

Providing support for development of your project framework

CM Plus makes proposals of your project framework including a structure to carry out your project smoothly, and provide support for establishment of the framework.

Being faithful and providing technical support from an independent standpoint

CM Plus provides technical support from an independent standpoint while we stay faithful to our clients. During the procurement phase, we reduce costs by choosing and assessing vendors in a fair manner without sticking to any specific companies or technologies.

Cost management in front-end activities

Advantages of CM Plus's engineering service

Our engineering professionals and consulting professionals will support you as your partners.

CM Plus mainly focus on engineering for designs and construction of facilities. In addition, we provide support for a wide range of areas including consulting services for quality assurance, support for education and training of personnel, and our Matching Initiatives. CM Plus can cover such a wide range of areas because we have a lot of first-rate engineers with rich experience in construction of facilities as well as Japanese/non-Japanese GMP consultants.

Having the capabilities to address your issues based on a consistent idea from the early phase of your plan to facility launch, and in both hardware such as designs and construction and software such as quality assurance, is one of our advantages.

Guiding your projects to success with our excellent "professional management"

Construction projects of production facilities consist of various elemental technologies including buildings, buildings' facilities, production facilities, distribution facilities, and IT facilities. We call our management skills "Professional Management (see below)", with which we coordinate and combine these elemental technologies intertwined with one another. Although we often encountered "unexpected" situations in construction projects of complicated production facilities, we always guide your projects to success by controlling "quality", "costs", and "schedule" with our know-how supported by our experience and past achievements

What is "Professional Management" which guide complicated construction projects apt to have "unexpected" situations to success?

One of our thoughts that we put into the word, "Plus", for our company name "CM Plus" was to "add management skills".


"Construction Management" skills for implementing quality construction works safely at the planned cost by the scheduled deadline.

"Engineering Management" skills for realizing quality designs.

"Validation Management" skills for implementing efficient validation based on ideas unified at an early phase of the project. *Validation will be required only for pharmaceutical and medical device facilities.

And "Project Management" skills for overseeing and smoothly controlling the whole project.

Through the power of "Professional Management" service in which those skills are put together, we will guide your projects to success.



Life science industry

Sterile products, solid products, API, R&D labs, vaccines and biomedicines, investigational drugs, diagnostic products, medical devices, and regenerative medicine.

These products may affect human health. Therefore, requirements for quality are strict.

Engineering services for
life science industries

General industries

Sanitary and household products(detergent, softener), food products,cosmetics, semiconductors, electronic components, data center

CM Plus provide services for various field. We propose the precise plan and design according to the feature of the products and facilities.

Support for overseas projects

Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, India, and Singapore

CM Plus provides support for every phase of your projects to construct facilities in other countries from planning to construction and trial runs.

Engineering service to support
overseas construction projects

In terms of construction, CM Plus can help you if you want to:

  • Find a partner with know-how as you are going to construct a plant for the first time in the last ten to twenty years thus few employees know the last project.
  • Figure out reasonable schedule and costs for your project plan.
  • Review your current system although you have rich experience in construction and improve your project in terms of costs and schedule.
  • Carry out your project smoothly without any additional costs caused by additional construction works or others and any delay.
  • Find a partner who knows everything about situation around construction, laws and regulations, working conditions, contracts, and costs for construction for your overseas project to construct a plant.

What CM Plus engineering service can do

  • CM Plus has experienced project managers and engineers who specialize in architecture, HVAC, electricity, etc. If you choose us as your partner, we will complement your system and know-how and enables you to lead and accomplish your own project.
  • We can present costs and a general schedule outline of your project to you at an early phase based on our rich experience.
    We will provide assistance for preparing a conceptual design then basic designs based on your User Requirements (UR) while we organize these requirements.
  • By selecting our approach, you can review your systems and structures for designing and construction works which you have outsourced as a single assignment or as a special assignment. CM Plus will choose and assess vendors from a fair standpoint as a third party without sticking to specific companies.

Cost management in front-end activities

  • Based on our knowledge and technologies CM Plus developed in our rich experience, we minimize "unexpected" situations by making projections of possible issues and take measures against them. We value the process of developing a framework at the beginning of the project.
  • We have worked for a number of projects in various countries including Southeast Asian countries. CM Plus provides support for overseas projects from the initial designing to selection of equipment suppliers, selection of construction companies, submission of application, project management to prevent additional construction works from occurring.

Engineering service to support
overseas construction projects

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