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  1. Services with broad knowledge well
    versed to manufacturing sites and facilities

    Const. → Inspection →
    QA/QC → Training

  2. Power to support global
    business expansion of the clients.

    to USA, ASEAN
    India, China, etc.

  3. Networking to connect clients
    to the world-class Intelligences.

    World-class Consultants
    Global Business Network




Business with Business

While your problems for manufacturing remain unsolved,
there is nobody else to stay with your problems.
CM Plus is the one for you, and this is why
we have been growing.

CM Plus started with the Engineering Service for manufacturing facilities of drugs/medical devices as the core technology of our business domain.

As said facilities have impacts on human health and life, they must be subject to severe inspection by competent authorities upon completion, and continue to be met with regulations for quality control and personnel training.

We have therefore expanded our business domain to be of your help in the inspection, QC and personnel training as well.

Up to now, not only for pharmacueticals and medical care, our Engineering technology is also chosen for all of the sophisticated facilities that need high-tech climate control.

Our "Intelligence" amalgamated with world-wide intelligences through Open Innovation will react with your intelligences to create an unprecedented solution. This perception and system is the very power of us.


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