Engineering services for general industries

For general industries, CM Plus provides services for various products from household products and food products to semiconductors, electronic components, and data centers. Based on our Professional Management skills which we have been developing from the beginning, we provide our clients with services suitable to every project in construction projects for various industries in which advanced environmental control is required. Demands and requests from our clients differ in every project and in each case we provide support for addressing your issues in an optimal manner by utilizing flexibility, which is one of our advantages. CM Plus guides your construction project to success through those efforts.

Scope and characteristics


For general industries, we provide our clients with services for the following area and products:

Scope of general industries

Please see "Our Support for Semiconductors and Electronic Components", and "Our Support for Data Centers"


  • Advanced environmental control (cleanliness control, temperature and humidity control, room pressure control, extra pure water control, special drainage, etc.) is required.
  • Chemical hazard control, poisonous substance control, and handling of hazardous substances may be required.
  • Complicated coordination is required as production equipment and facilities, and buildings and their facilities function together.
  • Investment in plant and equipment differs among markets. Additional construction woks for additional facilities, remodeling, and relocation happen frequently.
  • Processes from construction of facilities to product launch are required to be done fast. The time period allowed before the deadline is short.
  • →Which means that accountability for project tasks is strictly demanded.
  • Projects need to be carried out accurately based on experience and skills.

Our services for foreign-affiliated companies

We have many clients of foreign-affiliated companies. The following things are also characteristics:

  • An intermediary between non-Japanese staffs and Japanese construction firm and supplier staffs is required in terms of communication.
  • Overseas laws, regulations, and guidances such as fire laws and those on EHSS* must be complied.
  • Investment in plant and equipment changes frequently as projects are led by marketing teams.
  • Accountability is required for the project.
    • *EHSS stands for Environment, Health, Safety, and Security

Keys to success

CM Plus values the following things for successful construction project for general industries:

  • To design buildings and their facilities suitable for environmental control and hazard control to appropriately carry out flow plans and containment plans.
  • To ensure coordination for production facilities and equipment, and buildings and their facilities.
  • To communicate with overseas HQ closely and share understanding of requirements.

CM Plus takes the following actions:

  • Experienced engineers will propose the best plan for you according to characteristics of your products and facilities.
  • We have highly reliable skills we've developed in medical projects when it comes to advanced environmental control.
  • We visit the site, investigate the condition of the existing facilities, and develop drawings containing necessary information.
  • CM Plus minimizes extra works at site by making coordination among production equipment, buildings and building facilities before actual works.
  • Including production facility designs, production oversight and coordination for delivery plans, we make plans of and manage the project master schedule.
  • CM Plus organizes teams which can carry out projects in English.

Also, we often hear that your in-house resources are not enough.

CM Plus has experienced project managers as well as engineers with expertise in architecture, HVAC, electricity, production facilities, etc. Therefore, we can provide your engineering teams with support. Also, you can have our staffs full time at your site.

Working for your issues with our excellent skills and technologies called Professional Management.

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