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Reducing time and efforts for education and training

You will need to comply with various laws and regulations such as the Law on Securing Quality, Efficacy and safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices when you manufacture and market drugs, medical devices, regenerative medical products, or cosmetics. In order to ensure efficacy, safety, and quality, in the industry for these products time, money, and efforts for education and training on each regulation will be required more than the other industries due to high risks the industry has.

CM Plus education and training support services provide our customers with various pieces of information mainly on quality in manufacturing and distribution (GMDP/QMS) from product development and application (GLP/GCP) to post-marketing safety control (GVP) on our "GMP Platform". Also, we provide our clients with various pieces of information, our education and training support program in which experienced consultants' know-how is gathered together. Through those services, CM Plus offers solution to our clients' issues in terms of quality system and education system.


Features of CM Plus education and training support service

Aggregate of "knowledge", which keeps sharing the latest information

On "GMP Platform" (, CM Plus's web service, you can read the latest information and regulations in life science industries, and serial articles.

This is literally a platform where anyone can participate. Currently it has more than 12,000 members.

You can learn at any time and as much as you need

CM Plus offers eLearning courses which you can use at any time and any place such as open seminars held at a venue or on-site seminars held at our client's office.

We offer tailor-made educational programs for companies which are too busy to develop and carry out their own programs.


CM Plus's services of support for education and training

GMP Platform

We share various information on GMDP/QMS on our portal website called "GMP Platform" for everyone involved with manufacturing of drugs, medical devices, regenerative medical products, and cosmetics.

Currently it has 12,000 members. This is one of the biggest website in Japan which shares GMP-related information.

GMP Platform

Open seminars

Our open seminars focus on various subjects from development to marketing of drugs, medical devices, regenerative medical products, and cosmetics.

Please check the list and choose the subject you are interested in such as something you need to address about some daily tasks.

List of our seminars
Japanese version only

On-site seminars

Our consultants will visit your company and give seminars on GMDP/QMS.

They will find out your quality system issues based on a GAP analysis and provide you with the optimal group seminars.

Please feel free to contact us from the form shown below.

"GMP-eTutor®", our eLearning system

We provide you with a learning system on basics and application of GMDP/QMS which you can use anywhere at anytime.

Details of GMP basic/intermediate course
Japanese version only

Details of QMS practical course for medical devices
Japanese version only

GMP auditor training program

We provide you with systematic educational programs to train auditors for learning auditing skills which can be used in and out of Japan.

Details of GMP auditor training programs
Japanese version only


You can purchase GMDP-related books such as bilingual version of PIC/S GMP Guide with commentary which are very handy.

Details of books
Japanese version only


Do you have any issues about your own education and training or training system as follows?

  • Want to enhance expertise in drugs, medical devices, etc. of our employees
  • Too busy with our day-to-day works to develop and carry out our own education and training programs
  • Our educational materials haven't been updated thus cannot be used as regulatory information keeps being updated thus these materials are too old now
  • Want a partner for human resource training which also help works of our person in charge of education or human resources

Single contact point for issues found after our education and training support services

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you could make it clear your company's issues after training but had difficulty taking actions?

For solving issues, you need to enhance your ability to take actions through training even after you acquire knowledge through education.

CM Plus offers consulting services on GMDP/QMS and provide continuous support at single contact point until your quality system is improved even after our program to enhance knowledge of your employees.

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