Information Security Policy


Information Security Policy

September 1, 2015

CM Plus Corporation ("CM Plus") provides professional management services to manufacturers in support of their projects for facility construction, including both domestic and overseas production plants.
As a company participating in creating facilities that form the basis of the clients' economic activities, CM Plus is keenly aware of its social obligation to use due caution in handling its clients' and its own intellectual property. Accordingly, CM Plus has established an Information Security Policy to build, operate, and maintain a robust information management system. CM Plus hereby declares that all its employees have agreed to observe this policy and act ethically in fulfilling their duties.

1. Strict observance of laws and regulations

CM Plus shall strictly observe all laws and regulations on information security.

2. Structure

CM Plus shall establish a companywide structure for ensuring information security, enforcing the Information Security Policy and supervising its execution as appropriate.

3. Implementation of information security measures

When any threats to or vulnerabilities in CM Plus' information security come to its attention, CM Plus shall take measures to mitigate the risk and/or prevent any security breach.

4. Education and training

CM Plus shall educate and train its executives and employees as necessary, in order to ensure they recognize the importance of protecting intellectual property.

5. Continuous enhancement

CM Plus shall regularly review and reassess the Information Security Policy as well as associated rules and management structures, continuously enhancing its information security.

6. Response to a security breach

Should any breach of security occur, CM Plus shall quickly implement countermeasures and attempt to minimize the damage. CM Plus shall also seek to identify the root cause and implement additional measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

Tetsuo Fujioka
Chairman, CM Plus Corporation