Privacy Policy

CM Plus Corporation (hereinafter called "Company") shall take the following actions for the purpose of protecting Personally Identifiable Information (hereinafter called "Personal Information") of our Clients in our possession:

1. Protection of Personal Information

Company considers the protection of Personal Information as one of the important social responsibilities. Hence, in order to abide by all the legislations such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Company shall ensure that its employees (including officers, employees, part-time workers, temporary staff, etc.) and any other parties engaged shall understand fully the requirements, and keep complying therewith.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Company shall collect Personal Information through lawful and proper means. Company shall notify Clients, the due owners of Personal Information, or publicly announce for notification in advance through this Privacy Policy, of the intended purpose for use of Personal Information.

Use of Cookies

Company uses a technology called "Cookies" for Client’s convenience to view the website. This technology will not violate the privacy convenience to view the website. This technology will not violate the privacy or affect the computers of Client.

3. Control of Personal Information

In order to prevent loss, destruction, unauthorized alteration, leakage, etc. of Personal Information, Company shall take appropriate information security measures. Company shall protect Personal Information with the due care of good manager and prevent Personal Information from being used for other than the intended purpose or taken out from a regulated storage place, or disclosed to a third party, except the case that Company was inquired for Personal Information by public authorities such as police, public prosecutor office, tax office, or judicial court, and considered by Company that such request should be due and reasonable.

In the case of an unintended occurrence of leakage, Company shall identify the extent of the leakage, a cause(s) of the occurrence and prepare a preventive method of recurrence immediately, and report to “Personal Information Protection Committee (“PPC”) and each owner of the leaked Personal Information.

4. Outsourcing Work with Personal Information

To the extent necessary to perform our services under the contracts with Clients, Company may outsource part of the services to third parties involving or sharing Personal Information with them. When Personal Information should be disclosed to a third party, he shall be pre-qualified, then, arranged to abide by the same responsibility for Personal Information as Company does as per all the legitimate requirements.

In the case of disclosure of Personal Information to such a third party, Company shall record the facts and keep the record from time to time.

5. Use of Personal Information

Company may use Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • - To analyze the data reflecting Clients’ preference to improve Company’s services
  • - To communicate Clients for the matters related to the contract
  • - To execute contract obligations (e.g., invoicing or payment)
  • - To provide information related to Company services
  • - To submit the required documents to a public authority

6. Disclosure, Correction, Cease of Use, Deletion, etc. of Personal Information

Company acknowledges that each Client has a legitimate right to decided how its own Personal Information should be handled such as disclosure, correction, cease of use, or deletion. In this regard, Company shall appropriately respond to any complaints, if so, made in due course.

When a Client need to request the disclosure, correction, cease of use, or deletion, Company shall designate a person in charge and make appropriate action if the Client calls to “045-222-8710” and inform the request to Administration Division.


February 6, 2012
Revised on November 20, 2012
Revised on July 4, 2019
Revised on August 17, 2022

CM Plus Corporation
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