CM Plus Renews GMP Information Portal “GMP Platform”
and Overseas Business Information Portal “LSMIP”

~ For Smarter Access to Tailored Contents ~

CM Plus Corporation renewed its GMP information portal “GMP Platform” and overseas business information portal “LSMIP” on June 21.

”GMP Platform” delivering a free one-stop, valuable service backed by crystalized knowledge from the leading consultants in Japan.

“GMP Platform”, established in 2012, is one of Japan’s largest technical information websites specializing in life science (16,000 registered members as of June 2021). This free website has provided practical information for Life Science Manufacturing Professionals. The site covers skill development, domestic and international GMP trends, translations, and explanations of various GMP guidelines from expert contributors.
The site “GMP Platform” is so renowned and acknowledged among professionals to contribute in various manners, from in-house training materials, site analysis, and updates of GMP issues. The article coverage is expanding to multiple themes necessary for life science as well as GMP fields.

In response to readers’ feedback, this portal’s renewal is bringing broader contents and personalized suggestions. Our new “GMP Platform” enables you to access smarter tailored contents from the GMP knowledge reservoir.
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“LSMIP”: an information portal to support your global business, with online journal on digital health

In September 2019, CM Plus launched “LSMIP” (Life Science Matching Initiative Platform) as a website for distributing domestic and international information on life science, especially focused on digital health. We have already published a total of 43 issues of “U.S. eHealth Journal”, an online subscription journal that aggregate and curate the recent overseas developments in the new industrial field of digital health that complements pharmacotherapy.
In response to the current situation where subscribers’ demands are becoming more individualized and fragmented, we have added a new function that allows users to search for the information they need from a database of over 700 articles by trend, disease, medical department, company name, etc. In addition, we are planning to cover more diversified contents with such as Japanese startup technologies and Chinese healthcare news. “LSMIP” will continue to operate a platform that accelerates “CONNECTING THE DOTS”, which responds to the search for information in all scenes related to overseas business.

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CM Plus is soon launching a new digital exhibition service, “iVEXL” ( promoting products and services from life science industry companies for their Post-Corona business environment shift.
You can now subscribe with a single member ID to all contents from GMP Platform, LSMIP, and iVEXL. Broader and Deeper contents are yet to come.

CM Plus delivers the following video contents to all new visitors for both new members and registered members (registration update required).

・“Near-Future Pharmaceutical Industry (Part 1”)”, Mr. Norikazu Eiki, former Chairman of Bayer Yakuhin K.K. and Advisor to CM Plus Group ・“Near-Future Pharmaceutical Industry (Part 2”)”, Mr. Norikazu Eiki
・“Introduction to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act”, Dr. Noriko Yoshikawa, Visiting Researcher, NPO medical-industrial Collaboration Promotion Organization, Medical-Industrial Collaboration Coordinators Council
・“Human Error”, Mr. Shinya Nakagawara, Manufacturing site manager, Director of quality assurance department, CHUKAN BUTSU LTD.
・“Digital Therapeutics Market in the U.S”.”, Dr. Asuka Ichikawa, Research Analyst, MSA Partners LLC