Company Outline

What is CM Plus?

What does the company name 'CM Plus' stand for?

CM Plusの名前の由来は何ですか?

'CM' is a common acronym for construction management, but we are much more than just a construction management firm. Through our expertise in managing design and construction projects, we can significantly boost the value of our clients' facilities. We can draw up unique conceptual plans and basic facility designs that inspire workers and improve factory productivity. We have the experience and know-how to firmly control quality, cost, and schedule -- three factors that are critical to the success of any project. This is the first 'plus,' or set of advantages, that our clients can expect from us.

In addition to our core expertise in construction management, which ensures safety and cost reduction in construction projects, we also draw on our wide-ranging professional skills for overall project management, high-quality engineering management, and consistent and streamlined validation management at every phase of the project. These specialized management skills constitute the second 'plus' that CM Plus offers.

CM Plus is not just a design firm or a building contractor, but a dependable partner committed to working out the best facility solutions, always in close cooperation with the clients. We also know how to move the project smoothly forward; we can formulate the best possible basic design, and assist the clients in selecting the most suitable contractors and vendors for each stage of the project, toward the goal of delivering truly excellent facilities.

CM Plus was founded with an ambition to become the pioneering provider of client-centric professional management services for industrial facility projects. In fact, we are constantly driven by the desire to excel and add value to our clients' projects, and that is the third 'plus' that we offer.

Since the word 'plus' indicates exceptional quality and added value, we thought it appropriate to make it an integral part of our company's name.

What sort of company is CM Plus?

CM Plusは具体的にはどのような会社ですか?

CM Plus is a professional management firm dedicated to solving the problems facing its clients. We started out with a main focus on engineering services, but we have since then added GMP consulting to our service portfolio in answer to the clients' needs. That is just one example of how we are constantly evolving to present new added value to our clients.

Although client-centric professional management services like ours are fairly well-established in overseas markets, there are few companies offering similar services in Japan, as the project implementation market here has traditionally been dominated by design firms and construction firms. When it comes to industrial facilities, however, specialized engineering know-how is required on top of general architectural expertise. Since such intellectual assets are not easy to outsource, project owners have often been obliged to devote considerable in-house resources to these projects. CM Plus is uniquely equipped to reduce the clients' burden by augmenting and/or providing such resources for them.

Even major firms with solid engineering departments sometimes face a shortage of internal resources when the demands of a project are at their peak. And some projects may require rare expertise that the companies do not have. In such cases, CM Plus can dispatch suitable experts to help its clients.

If the client has little previous experience with construction projects, CM Plus can join the client's project team from the start, offering expert guidance and advice. As CM Plus does not in principle undertake construction work, we can oversee the project in a truly objective and accountable manner, without fear of any conflict of interest.

Once a construction project has been completed, we can provide such services as PQS implementation and inspection support to suit the clients' needs.

In short, CM Plus is a thoroughly client-centric professional management service provider capable of supporting various aspects of a project, ranging from facility construction to quality assurance. We take our clients' side no matter what, and provide client-centric professional management services whenever, wherever, and as much as they are needed -- no more, no less.

How does CM Plus differ from a design firm?

CM Plusは設計会社と何が違うのですか?

A project typically starts with planning and design, followed by procurement and construction, and ends with facility operations. Design firms usually do not get involved until late in the planning stage, and they are then mainly responsible for the design work alone.

In contrast, CM Plus oversees the entire project by controlling everything from design and procurement to construction and facility operations, thereby reducing the client's burden. As a professional management provider, CM Plus can be relied upon to lead the clients' projects to a success.

How does CM Plus differ from a building contractor?

CM Plusは工事会社と何が違うのですか?

Admittedly, many Japanese building contractors are very capable. In particular, the major firms (so-called general contractors and engineering firms) are outstandingly reliable and experienced, and are rich in human resources. But these firms tend to seek participation in a project from early on, That could force the client's hand in choosing contractors even before the exact project specifications and cost estimates have been reached -- typically at the planning or design stage. This puts the client at a serious disadvantage in price negotiations and other subsequent dealings.

In contrast, CM Plus helps its clients to exercise better control over the choice and management of contractors. CM Plus also has a general construction business license, which means it has in-depth knowledge of the construction business, ensuring that the contractors are made to serve the clients' best interests.

What is GMP Platform?

GMP Platformとは何ですか?

CM Plus originally helped the clients only with their facility construction projects. But once the facility had been completed and readied for production, many clients requested that we provide GMP consulting and training services as well. Accordingly, the company inaugurated GMP Platform services in 2011.

To find out more, please visit the GMP Platform website.