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About CM Plus

CM Plus is "Value Creator" which helps you realize "creation of new values" through project success.
To that end, we guide you to a solution which is "beyond normal" as your partner who work with you as your brain, hands and legs by connecting "knowledge" through "open innovation" on a global scale.

Our 4 types of services

We offer you 4 types of services as follows:

Engineering services

Through these services we support our customers having projects to construct production or R&D facilities which require high-quality production environments.
In such projects, advanced skills for engineering and project management are required. CM Plus offers both skills and controls 3 elements for project success, which are "costs", "quality", and "schedule", with you.
Our role is to support our customers in each phase of their project such as business planning, designing, construction oversight, and production start thus success of the whole project like a Sherpa.

We started offering engineering services initially for companies of life science industries. Today, we have expanded these services to companies of other industries such as semiconductors and electronic components, detergents, cosmetics, and household products, and for other types of facilities such as data centers which require sophisticated climate control.
Moreover, for companies in/outside Japan which are going to construct production facilities in Japan, Southeast Asian countries, India, or the U.S., we have established systems to support projects for their all phases from developing business plans to developing other plans, drawing up a schedule and developing design drawings, making application to the authorities, overseeing construction works and so on in Japan and local sites.

GMDP/QMS consulting services and training services

Specifically for life science industries, we offer not only engineering services but also GMDP consulting services for ensuring manufacturing quality of pharmaceuticals and QMS consulting services for ensuring manufacturing quality of medical devices as well as training services.
CM Plus is one of the largest company around the globe which can offer you one-stop services in engineering, GMDP/QMS consulting, and education.

Matching Initiatives

Through our service called Matching Initiatives, we connect companies of life science industries in Japan, the U.S., Asian countries, China, India, and other countries. Specifically, we provide support for excellent companies in these countries to meet one another for a wide range of purposes such as market research, product export, technical cooperation, finding CRO and CMO, support for seeking for seeds, and support for M&A activities.

Creating values together based on our "Business with Business" concept

"Business with Business" is our business concept meaning that we will create our customers' values together and for that purpose we will build a win-win relationship also with trust network, put the best knowledge together, and make contribution to our customers.

Business with Business

Our mission

CM Plus has the following 2 quality policies for supporting our clients for creating values:

  • 1) Carrying out every project with high quality
  • 2) Address our customers' issues positively together with our customers and creating new services.

In order to realize these policies, we stick to our mission statement while we perform our duties.


At the start, CM Plus represented "Construction Management Plus".
Now it represents "Comprehensive Management Plus".
We are ready to work as your partner.

Four services

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