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We will strengthen our Supporting Services to “Value Creation” for the customer’s business advancement.
-CM Plus is your “Partner” staying present to any problems-

Founder & Group CEO  Tsunehiro Togashi・President & CPO  Tetsuo Fujioka・President Satoshi Suekane

Owing to your continuous patronage, we have entered the 17th year of business this year.

Although the Corona disaster is coming to an end, the domestic economy is on the road to recovery, the world situation remains unstable, and our social life and economic environment are changing drastically. We will continue to make efforts as a partner company that is close to our customers in order to "contribute to society", which is the first of our corporate philosophies (CREDO).

We have been providing customer-supported engineering services for pharmaceutical production facilities based on the concept of "as needed," "where needed," and "when needed." Today, we have expanded our services to include medical devices, regenerative medicine, cosmetics, food, fabric care, semiconductors, data centers, and various other production facilities in Japan and overseas.

For clients in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, in addition to our Pharmaceutical (GMP) and Medical Devices (QMS) consulting services since our early days, we also provide pharmaceutical affairs consulting services that cover development, application for approval, manufacturing, and post-manufacturing and marketing. We are now able to provide our clients with support covering the entire pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from facility creation to post-marketing. In addition, we also provide matching services to assist domestic and overseas clients with operations such as product launches.

As for GMP/QMS training aspect, we have been providing the e-learning program "QCD +" as a lifelong education support program for pharmaceutical manufacturing (quality, stable supply, cost, etc.) since 2019.
We also offer opportunities for information exchange and opinion exchange on face-to-face communication such as Open Seminars over 160 cases per year, a unique "GMP Auditor Training Program", and "Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Forum" for people involved in management of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
We also support our clients by providing a forum for the exchange of opinions and information not only "face to face" but also via the Internet, and by publishing books.

Regarding overseas business, we have built up a track record of many projects. In addition, we are promoting the development of carbon-neutral related projects. We will be further reinforcing quickly our engineering and GMP consulting service networks across Asia with our local subsidiary companies in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.To support the overseas expansion of companies, we plan and operate "Overseas Factory Construction Information Platform", which provides information related to overseas construction.

We have been provided Matching Initiative service to connect local pharmaceutical companies and Japanese companies in Asian countries and provide support for product export, out-licensing, and so on. By further developing this matching service, we have started our services to support Japanese companies for their business expansion to the U.S. and to support the U.S. companies for their business expansion to Japan by utilizing our own network. In 2018, we have launched a new portal web site called "LSMIP"=Life Science Matching Initiative that is specializing in Japan and the United States and started transmitting information to Japanese companies aiming to enter the U.S. and U.S. companies planning to enter Japan. As a part of this, we have published the "US e Health Journal", a paid journal specializing in digital health.

In addition, we are putting up articles of up-to-date technical information on our website "GMP Platform®", which has grown up to be one of the biggest high-tech portal sites in Japan with more than 26,000 subscribers.
By integrating LSMIP, an information portal site for Japan and the U.S., into GMP Platform®, we have expanded digital health-related information in the U.S., which is at the forefront of this field. We also operate iVEXL (virtual exhibition) on this portal site, which allows members to advertise and hold exhibitions on this portal site, and many customers are using this service.

We will maintain a balance between deepening our existing businesses (Exploitation) and taking on the challenge and realization of new businesses (Exploration), and respond flexibly to technological advances such as decarbonization and DX.
CM Plus has determined to work with our customers for creating new values of their company based on the "Business with Business" spirit.
We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Chairman  Tetsuo Fujioka
 (on the middle of the photo)

President  Satoshi Suekane
 (on the left side of the photo)

Founder & Group CEO  Tsunehiro Togashi
  (on the right side of the photo)