Early career opportunities (Year-round opportunities)

CM Plus is seeking new graduates and recent graduates who are capable of Students from Southeast Asian countries who are currently studying in Japan are also welcomed.

~Message from one of our staffs from Human Resources Team~
When asked to explain briefly what kind of company CM Plus is, we would reply, "It's a group of professionals who design, construct and operate facilities requiring a high level of production environment." We are a group of a variety of talents in various fields such as chemistry, mechanics, civil engineering, architecture and electrical engineering, as well as pharmacy, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Furthermore, professionals in legal and economic fields are also essential. CM Plus is a multiple service provider with those professionals intricately involved with one another and help one another to carry out their tasks. In other words, we are "aggregate of knowledge".

We always continue by asking, "Could you give us some more time?" in order to tell them about our unique world of professionals.

Then, once again, what sort of a company is CM Plus?

1.A company of professionals with certain knowledge

CM Plus consists of professionals for projects to construct facilities with advanced manufacturing environments (for instance, clean rooms) such as plants for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, regenerative medicinal products, cosmetics, fabric care products, or semiconductors, or data centers. Especially, manufacturing and construction of facilities for pharmaceuticals which directly affect human lives are required to meet regulations provided by strict statutes. We are a group of professionals who support clients in many processes from feasibility study, design, construction supervision, commissioning to operation for such advanced production facilities.

2.We continuously support our clients and solve their problems.

We assist clients who have production facilities in the life science industry (such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices) to create systems in order to ensure product quality, and also provide support in product quality inspections done by domestic and/or foreign authority/authorities. We also plan and provide or hold E-learning programs and educational seminars, and publish books.

3.We support our clients' overseas business.

With our subsidiary companies in Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore, we help Japanese companies to expand their business, export their products, or transfer their technology to the ASEAN region, utilizing plenty of experiences and networks in the ASEAN region. We also help ASEAN companies to find Japanese partners for them. We also offer a service called "matching initiative business" to connect Japanese companies to the local ones through our Associate Consultant in the U.S. and our staff stationed in China.

4.We offer communication tools for project management.

Normally, for a project execution, many companies involved share a huge amount of drawings and documents, and send quite a large number of and important communications to each other on a daily basis. CM Plus has developed "CORRESSA®", an integrated system in which all those documents, information and e-mails can be controlled. By using this system, control of documents has become dramatically easier, and project management could be lead to success in projects without disorder.

Those written above are what CM Plus does as its business.
CM Plus has been growing by providing such professional services to our clients "when they need", "where they need", and "as much as they need".
CM Plus's dream is to expand our business globally with our employees who grew together and become an excellent company one day.

What CM Plus looks for

A message, "Our Mission" would serve as a guideline if you want to learn what we look for in terms of recruitment.
We eagerly would like to work with people who agree with our mission.


Currently-available jobs:

Design Engineer and Project Engineer (Engineering in General)

After you join our company, you should acquire professional skills through education and OJT provided in accordance with our in-house curriculum. Job summary is as shown below. One of our characteristics is: we put ourselves in our clients' view during projects.

・To participate in design work and/or as a design consultant for building client's facilities.

・To manage and oversee the project planning and execution from client's standpoints.

Paralegal (non-scientific)

After you join our company, you should acquire professional knowledge about contracts mainly for overseas projects from making proposals to negotiating conditions and signing through education and OJT provided in accordance with our in-house curriculum.

You should also receive training continuously in order to develop and carry out plans for overseas businesses from a corporate legal perspective.


・Those who are expected to graduate from a university or a graduate school by the end of March 2022, or those who have the equivalent level of academic ability.
 (Those who are expected to graduate from a university or a graduate school at other time than March may also apply.)
 ・Those who have working experiences of less than five years and wish to change jobs ("recent graduates").
 ・Those majoring in engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical, architectural, civil, or other engineering)
 ・Those majoring or have a degree in law and are interested in project management.

Working conditions

Employee Status Regular employee
Locations Yokohama Head Office, domestic or overseas sites, or foreign subsidiary companies
Job Summary Engineering & project management for life science facilities (engineering) or Contracts for domestic and/or overseas projects, business planning, management of foreign subsidiary companies (legal)
Working Hours and Lunch Break From 8:30 to 17:30
Lunch break: from 12:00 to 13:00 (60 minutes)
Overtime Work (other than the working hours specified above) As necessary
Holidays Saturdays & Sundays, national holidays, year-end & New Year holidays
Leave Paid leave, child-care leave, nursing care leave, maternity leave, special incentive leave, etc.
Initial Salary
Graduates with a bachelor's degree: 300,000 yen per month
Graduates with a master's degree: 330,000 yen per month
※we employ annual salary system.
Revision of Salary & Bonus Revision of salary: once per year (July), Bonus: once per year (June)
Retirement Allowance Not applicable.
Other Allowances Commuting allowance
Welfare Social insurances (employee's pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance), congratulation or condolence money regular medical checkup, self-development supporting system
Education and Training System In-house education programs, training held at outside the company, seminars, and lecture meetings
Remarks You may be assigned to an overseas office.
If you are stationed in a foreign country or transferred to a foreign subsidiary company after hired at the head office, above-mentioned conditions will be adjusted to meet the local actual conditions.

Selection process (through the year)

Please fill in an entry sheet and send it to us as below. After reviewing it, our person in charge will contact you.
※You can download the sheet here.(Excel file)
Those who have passed documents screening will be requested to have an interview and take a written test.
The result will be informed to you by e-mail within two weeks from the interview date.

■Contact information for inquiries and the email address for your entry sheet:
 CM Plus Corporation
 To: Staff Recruiter

CM Plus has been selected as one of "Best Companies to Work For"!

CM Plus has been designated as one of the "Best Companies to Work For" by GPTW (Great Place to Work), a rating institution, ranking 53rd in the small scale companies category with the number of employees ranging from 25 to 99, among 438 participating companies, based on its survey on " Best Companies to Work For" conducted in August last year. (GPTW evaluates each participating company based on its survey, corporate information, and company's own efforts, etc. and selects the companies meeting a certain level of standard as best companies every year.)