CORRESSA, our project management tool


CORRESSA is a service developed for us, who put ourselves in their clients' view during projects. In CORRESSA, we unstintingly put the secret/know-how of our project managers, who have overcome challenges occurring frequently in actual projects.

As CORRESSA offers space for communication dedicated to a project, you can communicate with other companies accurately and safely. Moreover, this service is also available in English.
You can manage information dependently for every project and share it at the project space (a shared area).
CORRESSA offers two functions: Correspondence and Document Handling. Correspondence enables you to prepare and exchange every document related to your project with your internal stakeholders while Document-Handling enables you to issue, record, and manage those documents for your projects.
For those reasons written above, CORRESSA is the optimal system for intercompany project-based business.


CORRESSA Correspondence

The word, "correspondence", means maintaining complete and accurate records in communication processing within projects and is used in various industries especially engineering and construction industries as a way of communication.
CORRESSA is a cloud application with this function named "Correspondence System".


CORRESSA Document Handling

In large-scale engineering and construction projects, a large number of project documents, such as design drawing will be prepared.

“Document handling” means managing a document set containing single file or several files through the process from registering documents before starting the preparation process until their completion.
It is necessary to manage the following elements of documents, such as document list/document issuance and approval/numbering /attributes/milestones /versions, etc.
"Document handling" in projects is a series of processing works such as preparing, issuing, approving, and controlling documents by and among project stakeholders.


CORRESSA File-Sharing

File-Sharing between project users
CORRESSA's File Sharing function enables specific project groups to share files.
This function offers shared areas where you can share files related to your project (task) such as reference documents, layout plans of existing facilities, etc.

*Unlike Document Handling, this function should be used only for sharing files which would not need any approval and records thus plays a role as a shared file server in a project.